Above the Clouds


The South African Women's Travel Club was founded in 1958, and it was the exclusively male clubs that were the fashion at that time, that led to its formation. Constitutionally, this has remained unchanged until 2022. With the recent events that took place that changed our way of life, it was decided to open the club for everyone to join. 

Approx. 200 members benefit from monthly luncheons, which provide excellent networking opportunities in the travel industry. These luncheons also allow sponsors to market their products, directly to the travel industry on a one to one basis. Best of all, money raised at these luncheons are donated to different deserving charities each month.


The Team



Lindi Chiya

A Senior international professional with 28  years’ experience in the highly competitive Corporate and leisure tourism industry, within Sales and Marketing. Leading dynamic growth initiates with blue chip companies synonymous with quality service and performance. primarily across corporate and tourism, car rental & fleet management, and incentives industries.
Responsible for executive oversight for all aspects of marketing, sales, distribution, and revenue management within South Africa and Key African Markets.
Experienced in working with several nationalities and cultures over cross vertical functions and multi-site locations in a customer-oriented environment.